2. Mr.Barack Hussein Obama ,did you forgot.”change we believe in,”yes we can,if you like your Dr.you can keep your Dr.”if you like your insurance you can keep it.”Are these COINCIDENCES??????

  3. Reblogged this on The Political Think Tank and commented:
    From StandAsOneUnited this outstanding article about there really is no coincidence at all to any of the facts presented here.
    I want a new president, a truly American president that I know, without a doubt has only one social security number and supports Americans, veterans, and the disabled by validating they exist.
    We have an epidemic of homelessness in CA and the HUD housing program is disabled because there is a “ten year wait” because currently nobody gives a damn to allow the disabled on ssdi and ssi to live in dignity with a subsidized housing program that works now in 2014.
    I give a damn and many others do too and ObamaCare has caused more bad than good in the grand scheme of life.

    Paulette L Motzko

      • I am so elated you liked the piece I wrote. I am probably going to get more involved in politics because I am American, care, am disabled, am intelligent and know I can make more care who do not about issues they never think of and nobody else seems to be doing anything.

        Thanks again.
        What is your name?

        Paulette L Motzko

      • I read quite a bit of your articles. I am now following you…and well worth it!

        Up until about seven years ago, I never gave politics a second thought, until I woke up and noticed the world around me falling apart – and I questioned: Why?

        Since I am never one to believe what I am told, nor read, etc., I must always find Truth & Facts for myself. Even well-meaning people can tell you a lie or a falsity unintentionally.

        So I set out on a path of discovery…finding out what the truths are, and fact from fiction. Which lead me to creating this blog. And like you, I am determined to tell people the truth, and provide the information so others can find their own truths. I simply do all the homework for people, and they can decide willingly to either accept or reject the plate of self-awakening.

        Perhaps we can team up on some issues, compare notes.

        My name is Mark Cereceres.

      • I would love to team up on an article etc Mark. I was married to a Mark for fifteen years, a real rocket scientist.
        Where are you located?
        I am in Orange County, CA

        Paulette Motzko

  4. I’m in Cleveland, Ohio. Do you have an e-mail address? I’m working on another compelling article and would like to discuss a couple of joint projects…if that is okay with you, of course.

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