3 comments on “Is The ACA [Obamacare] Law Legal?

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  2. Using the word legal is a joke.(No offense intended) When the laws of a nation are subverted there are many things that are “Legal”. If they ban guns or free speech and it is upheld by the SCOTUS it becomes “Legal” even while being illegitimate. If Madison’s “Tyranny of the majority” comes to fruition then the will imposed on the minority will be “Legal”. According to the ruling that robert’s (Sic) made congress can tax us for anything as a type of penalty. We can be required to buy a car or a toaster or any other nonsense and be taxed if we don’t. Stimulus anyone? Our rights and freedoms are not granted by legality and when illegitimate laws are passed they subvert natural law.

    • The word “legal” is a joke. I recall a Judge saying once – a law doesn’t have to make sense, nor be logical. I can’t remember who that was. Scary, really, when you think about it. Government can take a pile of dung, dip it in chocolate and call it a Bon-Bon, and people will eat it. Government will always coerce the laws that benefits their agendas, while allowing the People to vote on the non-important issues. I appreciate your insightful, and intelligent comment! Thank you!

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