12 comments on “Communist Goals (1963)

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  2. Really????? A manifesto against Communists from 1963? And the first point is believing Atomic War is preferable to living with a communist nation on the face of the earth?

    I have to tell you, that is pretty freakin scary.

    • Communism is more of a threat than the perceived nuclear threat. If there were ever going to be a nuclear war, it would have already happened. The United States warned Japan and its citizens well before any bombs dropped. The Japanese people even sat outside waiting for the planes to fly over-head. They were given a chance to surrender, several times. Communism is much a real threat to traditional America, and the world, than nuclear power.

      That is all. Have a nice evening.

      • What the f*ck does that have to do with Japan in WWII???? They weren’t Communiist, and we did not need to drop an atomic bomb on them, twice.

        Dude, you really need to get your stuff straight.

  3. Japan was an evil, hungry, greedy country hell-bent on taking over Asian Territories. Japan was solely responsible for the loss of more human lives than any Atomic Bomb. Chalmers Ashby Johnson estimated the loss of life at the hands of the Japanese to be around 30 million, most of that number was innocent civilians. So, before getting all teary eyed about the destruction of the Atomic Bombs – keep that in mind. War is war, and America did not initiate the attack, regardless of what FDR may or may not have known. Japan wanted the entire Asian Territories, mainly for oil and other resources. They left a trail of death and destruction as a result…in addition to the thousands of American lives lost. China was the largest casualty of Japanese warfare. The Japanese slaughtered people all over the Asian Territories! That is OK, but not dropping an Atomic Bomb? I think it atrocious innocent Japanese lives were lost…however, the 30 million innocent lives lost as a direct result of the Japanese Empire was much, much worse. That being said, I have a healthy respect for Japan and the Japanese people. What happened years ago should not be a reflection of the people of today. War is never a good thing, I can’t imagine how much good even ever comes from it. But the sad reality is, war has been around since Man…it still happens, and will always happen. Perhaps it is in the Human Gene. The best anyone can hope for, is that wars happen few and far between. That evil Japan no longer exists as a result of those bombs. And to support their greedy thinking, they were warned of the impending bombs, but their Emperor wanted to surrender on HIS terms! He wanted more from his surrender, he didn’t care about his own people! He wanted more, even upon his surrender. And dude, I do have my “stuff” straight.

  4. Talk about all over the board. You posted an anti-Communist manifesto form 1963 which you somehow equate to being relevant today. Then you bring in that it’s better to have a nuclear war than live with a Communist nation. Then you talk about the Japanese, somehow equating them to Communists/Evil, and saying how we had to drop atomic bombs on them.

    Holy hell.

    I believe I shall go read some other blogs.

  5. The manifesto is very much alive and well today, my point is how long it’s been perpetuated in the fabric of America. Apparently you have difficulty reading and the comprehension of, the written word, as not once, ever, did I say or imply, that nuclear war is better than communism. I spoke in very clear, and concise English, did I not?

    History tells the real story of Japan and their destruction of human lives. Do you think Japan was just sitting by reading the daily newspaper and America – a Democratic President, mind you – decided to just one day drop two nuclear bombs? Are you so near- sighted you can’t see what Japan was doing to people of other nations? They were far more deadly than those two bombs could ever have been. My comments about the reality of that long-gone evil Japan is historically factual.

    My point – again! – is Communism is far more dangerous, and deadly, than any nuclear bomb. It has far more reaching deadly consequences. I understand that pains you to read my words, because you are so deeply imbued by communistic ideologies.

    Go visit other blogs…happy reading.

    • Sigh. No, you wrote my in English, not speaking it. Secondly, when you post an anti-communist manifesto, it means that you agree with what is written. So yes, you did “say” that nuclear war is better than living with a communist country.

      We could have starved Japan out. And yes. I read history too.

      And by the way? It’s 2013, not 1964.

      • How childish! Never said I agree with nuclear war,,,never have…because I am anti-communism that must mean I am pro-nukes? The more you say, the more I laugh…thank you for entertaining me. Ciao.

  6. Your macabre reasoning that the US Democratic President shouldn’t have dropped the bombs – with advanced warnings – on a nation responsible for the death of 30 million innocent lives, which would have tallied even more had the Democratic FDR not dropped the bombs when he did? Sometimes, the only way to extinguish a blaze is to set that blaze on fire. Hence, fight fire with fire. I’m not saying a agree with it, but I do believe it was necessary to stop the war, and the killing of innocent people.

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